A monitoring and analytics plugin for any chat platform.

We specialize in video/voice conferencing for contact centers, cloud gaming, broadcasting, and more. Our analytics help you enhance customer experiences, identify quality issues early, and boost operational efficiency for tech teams.

RTCanary will make WebRTC integration and analytics easy for you and your teams. Unsure how to troubleshoot packet loss, frame rate, or other quality issues? We are here to help you find issues rapidly! 

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Real-time Diagnostics

Data analysis and measurement tools help you track how your video and audio streams are performing in real-time. We help you to diagnose problems early so you can keep customers happy and maintain high retention.

Quick & Easy Integration

We know it is painful to integrate new tools and tracking, so we made it just a few quick steps. We believe that your programmers should spend their time improving customer experiences, NOT searching for bugs.

Historical Performance Metrics

We track your historical performance on key metrics and help you identify trends. Our analytics create a clear path to constantly improve your service quality.

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