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Update Date: 17, June 2020     

     We here at Postered Incorporated know how much you value your information and the safety, security, and privacy that of. This notice describes our privacy policies. By engaging in any activity on Postered Incorporated products including, but not limited to, our website(s) and app(s), you are consenting to and accepting the practices described in our privacy policy as they are.

Data Storage and Collection.
     The Postered team deeply cares about you and your privacy, especially when it relates to your identity and personal information. For this reason, we restrict the amount of information we collect and/or distribute from the Postered Incorporated products including but not limited to our mobile application and website.

     Postered may collect information to create perfectly personalized services to you and the businesses we collaborate with. Currently, we do not share information outside of our company unless it is necessary to deliver our product or service to you in a more efficient, effective, or personalized way. In this respect, we only move delivery and/or fulfillment information outside of our company. Here is our general breakdown of what data is collected.

Information You Provide.

     We gather and store information that you input into our website(s), app(s), or other online products. Examples include, but are not limited to, information from purchases, browsing, product reviews, measurements, or contact with our team in any form. Note that this list does not currently include cookies or other forms of information out there, we restrict our information access to things you input into our systems. These tools allow us to improve our product selections, process your orders, add features and functionalities, and better personalize your and other users’ experiences on our platforms.


Mobile Applications.

     When you download mobile apps or access Postered products on mobile devices, if we receive information about your location and your mobile device, it is only with your consent. In these instances, we may use this information to tailor your advertisements, search results, or other content we output. Your device should have the option not to share location services and information. Our iOS mobile apps use the TrueDepth API in applicable cases and iPhone models. This API allows us to use points on your face to benchmark sizing & rank your face shape which we use to create a better experience with our AR. We do not save, share, or have access to this information in any form; it is a tool that improves your experience and makes it more precise. Period. Any information is stored locally on your device and can be removed upon the deletion of the app.

Postered Information and Third Parties.

     There is one purpose exclusively for Postered to save, use, or share your name or shipping address, to fulfill and deliver your orders from our mobile app. Period. Since we don’t manufacture the products we sell, there are instances where we must share shipping information with the individual sellers of the product you purchase ( Examples: RayBan, IVI Vision, etc.) and/or companies from which we are ordering to expedite shipping speeds and ensure successful delivery of your purchase. We do not share payment-related information, ever.


     You may choose not to provide certain information to the Postered network, however, this may restrict your use of the applications or websites. If you have concerns or questions regarding any of these policies contact us directly. All of these terms are subject to the “Terms of Use” and all legal action is subject to the path indicated therein.

We intend to update these policies and notices to ensure that as our business changes your expectations and understandings of us do not! Each update will be reflected in the “Effective Date” listing at the top of this page. If you have any concerns, questions, or complaints regarding privacy practices please reach out to us.

If you have additional questions about these terms contact us!


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